The smartphone is a powerful and even magical device, enabling so much more than telephone calls. In fact, odds are you use yours more for news, apps, texts and entertainment than for actual phone calls! Although making our own contribution to the magic should fill us with pride, we are actually a bit jealous. After all, it is companies like Samsung, Apple and numerous apps that take the credit with flashy designs and functionalities while the actual ‘smart’ part of smartphones takes place behind the scenes, or screens in this case.

Taken for granted

The massive telecommunications hardware infrastructure that enables all the beauty, including data centers, IP routing and switching, backhaul and highly specialised cellular radio systems reaching out to the handsets, is often taken for granted. Of course Cisco is a player there, but also Arista and our favorite, Juniper Networks (T-series Core and MX series Edge routing, QFX/EX series aggregation layers and even top-of-rack switches). So what if something serious in this whole configuration of hardware breaks down temporarily? We bet it would be yet another example of the old saying ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone’. Maybe then people would appreciate our line of business a bit more. Maybe.

‘Off the grid’

A positive side-effect of being ‘off the grid’ for a while could be in increased, or renewed, awareness of things around us that we have lost, at least to a certain extent. Read a newspaper (remember those?), notice a new store on the block or have an entertaining chat with a stranger on the bus, even if the conversion is about your brand new smartphone. Regardless, you would discover what your relationship to the device truly is. Just remember, there is a lot more magic in life to be enjoyed than through the palm of your hand!

‘Talk’ to you later!

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