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Technology is awesome. It is in fact the main reason why we love our job. Innovations are introduced almost on a daily basis. One particular development that caught our attention is the emerging technology field of nanorobotics that has the potential to unleash a revolution in health care. Basically, tiny machines or robots whose components […]

The list of upsetting facts about cybercrime is long and growing by the day. The hijacking of devices even before they leave the factory and hardware vulnerability are just two recent additions. Assuming that it will take a while before companies will substantially increase their security budgets, there are quite a few simple measures even […]

With strict race regulations in terms of horse power, aerodynamic downforce and octane rating in fuel allowed, success in Formula 1 racing has become highly dependent on optimal performance of all car components. And although racing skills are still crucial, the driver is no longer the only one behind the wheel. Information from up to […]

Hardly a day goes by without some guru or trend watcher making the umpteenth prediction about what the future IT landscape is going to look like. To put it in weather terms, ever more experts see ‘dark’ clouds gathering over conventional enterprise data centers. Personally, we think that even the significant shift towards the cloud […]

The smartphone is a powerful and even magical device, enabling so much more than telephone calls. In fact, odds are you use yours more for news, apps, texts and entertainment than for actual phone calls! Although making our own contribution to the magic should fill us with pride, we are actually a bit jealous. After […]