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In The Netherlands we recently celebrated Circular Economy Week. Within this framework many organizations have introduced a variety of sustainability initiatives including Dutch telecom provider KPN. As of 2025, all of their modems, TV setup boxes and other networking devices will be 100% recyclable. Nice. A bit late, some will argue, but still. Other companies […]

‘Another year over, and a new one just begun’. A phrase from the well-known Christmas song by John Lennon that we are sure you have heard once or twice during the last couple of weeks. A phrase too that expresses a sense of melancholy as time seems to go by in the blink of an […]

Hi, it’s me again. Hope your journeys in the deep oceans of data systems were met with warm and inviting telemetry data flows. Hold on a second – how exactly can we envision these data flows actually? Above, you can see a short movie clip that I captured in our lab. These are three data […]

Intent-Based Networking has already been labeled “the holy grail in networking”, the “next big thing”, “intuitive network” and the list goes on. It does indeed have a lot of potential so for those who are still unfamiliar with this phenomenon, here are some key aspects of IBN. IBN consists of four elements:

Ability to control vast infrastructures was always a matter of critical importance. Starting from the ancient civilizations to modern world computer games, ability to remain in control of key assets and resources is always a key to winning. And lack of such control has always led to demise of empires and loosing battles to more […]