Bear with me here, this just might make sense in a bit. In listing mankind’s greatest inventions, these three make my list, so that’s their commonality. Two of them actually go hand-in-hand: bikes and coffee! The bicycle is a wonderful and inventive means of transportation and recreation whose idea seems obvious today, but wasn’t obvious before some clever folks invented it.

Some fifteen years ago we heard about a young Dutch business man who was determined to change the perception of waste. He even named his website ‘Wasteishipandsexy’. At first, like many before us, we had our reservations but after a while we came to realise that it wasn’t such a bad idea at all. Meanwhile, recycling is completely common and is even considered hot by many, including companies.



Should we pity or envy today’s IT managers? On one hand, they find themselves in the (epi)centre of a unprecedented technology revolution that offers numerous opportunities to make their organization a success. Or a failure, which is obviously the downside of it all. After all, with so many abstract technologies and long-term uncertainties at hand, it takes a visionary to prepare exactly right for all that is coming. To bring some light into the darkness, here are some major trends to take into account in the years to come.


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